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Training Systems for Companies

In a multicultural community as we have in Australia we have identified a need for more visual rather than the traditional written forms of conveying work instructions to employees.

It is not practical to undertake this training methodology on all aspects of the operation as some tasks are simple low risk tasks. Generally past risk assessments of your operation as well as past OH&S records will point the areas that such a process can be applied.

This involves the creation of a work instruction DVD together with the written component. Those involved in the writing of the material have long standing industry experience is process flow optimisation. Further to this, a physiotherapist and/or other OH&S professionals, to ensure that the tasks are performed in the most optimum and safe manner, screen all our material.
This form of training hence offers the following :

  1. visual training media
  2. an occupational health and safety as well as environmental focus
  3. opportunity to have industry professionals view your process towards optimisation

For all other tasks we offer the ability to write up the work instructions with out the video components.