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Systems Implementation

Implementation of ISO 9001:2000

This is an operation-orientated program that covers the documentation of all aspects of your operation. An important part of this process is the gap analysis that allows benchmarking of your organisation with industrial standards.

Once complete it allows your customer to be confident that every aspect of your business is under control and to a level of sophistication as benchmarked by an international standard. If you are ISO 9001:2000 accredited customers generally do not feel the need to inspect all goods provided by your organisation as the system would ensure that the product of the highest standard is delivered time and time again. The added advantage is the portraying of the external audit company logo on your goods and services indicating ISO compliance.

Implementation of AS 4801

Assisting businesses implement safety management systems that ensures the safety of their employees and equipment and reducing their work cover premiums in the process. Did you know that marketing a well-designed and proven safety management system to your insuring company could reduce your premiums significantly?

Implementation of ISO 14001

Companies want to deal with others that are environmental conscious themselves. Besides having a moral obligation to protecting the environment outputs of their operations, having an Environmental system is an excellent marketing tool and an accreditation highly sort after by those wanting to attain government work in particular.

Social Compliances

A large number of Australian owned companies have offshore suppliers of goods.

Many organisations are not entirely clear on the differentiation between local requirements to be perceived as a responsible corporate citizen verses that for importing companies. In fact, the requirements for importing companies are as stringent as those for local companies.

Social compliance is the proactive management of social, environmental and labour aspects. It involves the creation of sustainable marketable programs that can be used as a point of competitive advantage. It allows the reporting of a companies standing as a corporate citizen on a private or public domain, nationally or internationally.

Using an audit tool that has been aligned with the International Labour Organisation as well as the Ethical Trading Initiative we are able to point out gaps in the system. We are able to upgrade your systems and introduce culture change initiatives to allow you to comply with the CRI within Australia.

Saint James Ethical Commission is the Custodian of the Corporate Responsibility Index borne out of the UK. The CRI reports annually in major newspapers and other media the social compliance standing of companies that have voluntarily obliged to