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Employee Training and Placement

Employer Perspective

It is important to note that we are not a recruitment organisations. We have noted commonly quoted statistics that when an employee leaves an organisation this costs that organisation between 70 and 300% of the outgoing employee’s annual salary. This includes ‘go slow’ periods of the outgoing employee, the cost to recruit, efficiency losses from the outgoing and the incoming employee and training periods of the new employee, amongst others.

To assist business we have created a series of short courses aligned with different industry. An example of such a course is our 3 day customer service course covering areas such as legislative compliances, OH&S, Fire Safety, emergency response, security, food safety, customer service etiquette, housekeeping, basic stock management .

Our remuneration is drawn from those attending the courses. The added service we provide for attending the courses is marketing of the individuals with good reputable organisations (at no cost to the employing organisation). The ultimate goal is ensuring the individuals are up-skilled in order to add immediate and sustainable value to the employer and where possible reduce the training requirements and hence cost associated with taking on a new employee.

Employee Perspective

It is commonly acknowledged that the customer service industry has one of the highest turn-overs. This sector also has a large number of migrants. A survey of employees who left after a short time indicated the following :

  1. Employees found it challenging to work in a new culture.
  2. Employees did not understand the terminologies applied to the customer service industry.
  3. The internal training provided by the organisation was not done by approved trainers and assumed a certain level of understanding in the new employee
  4. Employees did not know how to react in the case of conflict and thought it better to leave.
  5. The employee had little knowledge of basic Occupational Health and Safety etc

This is where hailer comes into action. Our courses are open to anyone willing to give employment in the customer service industry a try. Fees are charged to attend the ~ 3day course and then a job placement fee is applied should we find you a job. It is the prerogative of the individual to accept or reject a job offer that comes through hailer. Pty Ltd.